Essay On Bisexuality In Movies And T. V.

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High school is a strange time for everyone. For some it was hard work and doing well in school, but for some it was an opportunity to grow socially. From learning to be comfortable with oneself skin or to experiment with relationships, it was a time of change. For me and most people, this was not the case. It was filled with regret and missed opportunities. I never truly came into terms with what kind of person I was and who I am attracted to. I always had a skewed view on what liking someone truly meant. These days I have accepted my bisexuality because it molded a good portion of who I am as a person today.
I was conditioned and taught that boys always likes girls. That is just how it is. In movies and T.V. shows they always had the male role and the female love interest. The handsome dashing prince saves the beautiful graceful princess. It is a story that is told time over time. It burns into my mind and set this as the standard and normal. My parents,
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As more and more people got into relationships, I never understood the fuss. I conditioned myself to think that relationships are something that I would never need. Why would I need someone else like that? This was a thing I could do without, so I went with my life. As someone who was battling insecurities, the denial for a relationship was most likely a coping mechanism so I didn’t have to worry about it. It gotten to a point where I actually thought that I was better as a person for not being in a relationship, that relationships are immature and unnecessary. I saw others as lesser for something natural. I had the mentality that if I didn’t like anyone then anyone else can do the same and be separate like me. “ separate like me.” was a thought that irritated me. I thought I was the one with self control and the sense of maturity, however this idea that “why can’t everyone be like me” chipped away my

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