The Importance Of Leading Procedures

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Leaders of different echelons use various frameworks for leading those under them in order that a mission is well planned, prepared, executed, and accessed properly. The main frameworks that are utilized by leaders are the Orders Process and the Troop Leading Procedures. The formats are very involved and detailed but the complexity leads to a well organized and prepared plan so that errors are potentially avoided and the mission is accomplished. The Troop Leading Procedures and Orders Process are similar in the respect they both highly emphasize the planning and preparing of a mission and they both require the continual assessing of the progress. Based on my experiences the Orders Process seems like the general format for how a leader should …show more content…
Both formats highly emphasize on the planning and preparing for a mission which was a component that was acted on greatly for this lab. For instance three weeks before the lab was scheduled to be presented, my group and I had received our mission and issued a warning order to the whole group in order to make a tentative plan. Once the group had made a tentative plan we scheduled a time to conduct reconnaissance of the Field Leaders Reaction Course area. Luckily this had been conducted in advance because a lot of the materials and equipment had been damaged or contaminated by mice. It also gave intelligence on what lanes weren 't able to be used. This early awareness to these issues allowed for assessment and adjustment to the plan that allowed for us to prepare for the remaining portions of the lad. After making final adjustments and completing the plan my group and I issued the Operation Order shortly after to make the battalion aware of the lab. All these steps of the Troop Leading Procedure just like the first two steps of the Orders Process, were utilized greatly in the planning and preparing stages which lead to the successful execution of the lab. During the whole process the factor of continually assessing and revising was being performed which is a continual over lapping step of both the Troop Leading Procedures and Orders …show more content…
They both require the commander to have a good understanding and visual of the goal in order to describe and direct the plan. The Troop Leading Procedures allow the commander to gain his understanding through the receiving of the mission, issuing the warning order, and making a tentative plan. This whole experience has shown when not utilizing the planning and preparing phases of the Troop Leading Procedure and Orders Process it will lead to mass confusion and complications for the Execution phase. This experience also proves the importance of time management by the 1/3 2/3 time rule with these frameworks because with limited time the more chance there is for an issue to arise. Since both frameworks emphasize on assessing and revising continually my group was able to adapt to the situations. This is what brought about the successful completion of the Lab and the knowledge for implementing these frameworks in other tasks and life

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