The Importance Of Language In International Business

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Register to read the introduction… A general understanding of the language is good, but often time’s simple nuances can get lost in translation. Certain inflection in a person’s voice can change the entire meaning of the sentence, and when doing business it is important that everyone walks away with a thorough understanding of what was discussed. It may be of value to hire an interpreter, one who has a concrete knowledge of this country and its language, to further guide in all research and participate in trainings. (Moore, 2012)
Corruption and bribery has increasingly become the most major issue when dealing with international business. Governments of some foreign countries are often corrupt and require some sort of bribery in order to do business in their country. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was passed in 1977 to prohibit US businesses from bribing any government official in other countries. This becomes a tricky subject when dealing with countries that consider it a part of their culture to give gifts. (Moore,

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