Why We Should Be Kept On Life Support Essay

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Kept on Life Support
In discussion of life support, many question if people should be kept on life support. In one controversial issue is that in some occasions some people should not be on life support. On one hand, everybody is human in that they want to live, so they should have the right to be kept on life support. On the other hand, some may disagree with others because if they are hurting then they should not be on life support and should be able to leave this place. People should not be kept on life support just because they will have machines hooked up them and they will just be in pain with all of the medications that they are going in their body.
Some relatives want to have their loved ones with them in the infirmary, but is it worth
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Of course, many will probably disagree on the grounds that the family should be on life support. According to Deciding to Withhold or Withdraw Life Sustaining Measures “we are helping people live longer at the expense of their comfort and dignity” (1). Also “If we don’t use artificial means to support life, are we denying them the chance to live longer or recover fully” (1). In other words, these main reasons that some family members want doctors, nurses and other professionals have their family for life support. What happens if a miracle happens and they wake up? Well if that happens then that was god’s faith no to leave. If that happened, then the doctors will have to do anything possible that way they won’t fall back into coma or if they had a bad illness that way their illness doesn’t come back. Life sustaining measures sates “What if we take them off life support and they find a cure shortly after they die?” (page1). Well, this means that if they didn’t find a cure for that person and another person has the same thing they could use that medication for

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