Cybersecurity Essay

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Israeli Cybersecurity Techniques in the US
Cyber security is more vulnerable than ever before. This is because of technological advancements, especially increased reliance on interconnected computer and telecommunication networks; a broad range of modern economic activity is more vulnerable to exploitation by terrorists or other adversaries. One of the biggest concerns in the cyber defense world is the possibility of a major infrastructure attack. Therefore the dire need to improve the United States’ cybersecurity is important so that our infrastructure remains intact for future generations. Cyber Security in Israel involves more than repelling hackers on the internet. Learning how other countries like Israel, approach cyber security is also important to learn how to reinvent or overhaul the U.S.’s strategies.
Israel is rewriting the future of cybersecurity. The process involves more than repelling hackers on the internet, it focuses on the bigger picture. Cybersecurity in Israel is both a publicly and privately driven initiative that has succeeded due to well-harnessed engineering knowledge and the country’s creative entrepreneurial spirit. The cooperation between both the public and private sector allows for more
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Innovating cybersecurity involves a lot of bureaucratic nonsense and restructuring which is more difficult for the U.S. to navigate (Sugarman, 2014). The U.S. mainly uses one agency to address issues with cybersecurity such as the National Security Agency (NSA). Washington policymakers suffer from a lack of ideas and technical know-how to understand what is needed to protect our cyber infrastructure. New forms of public-private partnerships are essential to meet the challenges posed by new technologies and non-traditional threats. Therefore it is crucial for both public and private sectors to work together because one entity cannot do this

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