The Importance Of Intimacy In Marriage

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In a marriage that has been through a long path that has many more years to go, aspects of the marriage tend to fall short. Intimacy plays a strong role in a marriage, in earlier years of a marriage a couple is infatuated with one other and is strongly connected physically, emotionally and spiritually. As time passes and children are brought into the picture it is difficult for a couple to still be intimately engaged while there are many distractions that need to be attended to, there is a slight disconnection between both partners. Both partners touched on the topic of physical intimacy, they both agreed upon that throughout the years’ time was only so little between alone time and raising three children. Continuing, they shared spending …show more content…
Although, there were some issues with the emotional intimacy connection between the partners, naturally women are more open and more emotionally available for their partner to reach out and connect. Men are more logical beings, they have difficulty of opening up and being emotionally available for his partner to reach out and connect. Ultimately, when two people have being in a strong bind for so long there can be times where a partner can lack in different features of the marriage due to longevity. Typically, the husband isn’t the one that is emotionally connected and this is the case in this marriage also. The husband in this marriage tends to be a very strong, masculine, and logical being that doesn’t show much emotion unless if it’s at a sporting event. This caused a lot of issues within the marriage because the lack of emotional connection this effected also both physical intimacy, through the difficulty of both partners trying to connect emotional there were difficulties. Marriage is a form of determination and effort without those key factors it can be hard for a marriage to grow, furthermore the husband strived to seek emotional connectivity from his wife, with time and effort he essentially became more passionate in fulfilling his spouse’s

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