The Importance Of Interventions In Education

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Interventions are something we can do that can change the situation on different types of mindsets. We can different methods however, that can range from low-cost, effortless to a fortune in addition to plethora of development needed. The hard, expensive way would be of greater success, yet in theory only; we wouldn’t know the outcome and if we were to spend lots and it doesn’t end up helping it would have been a waste. For now we can start with low-cost also simple ways, such as altering the kind of encouragement the students’ receive after a lesson, exam, or when they are in a tough situation. Passarelli (2014) starts by changing the way we praise students. Instead of acknowledging their intellect for example, “You’re so smart”, we should focus on acknowledging their effort for example, “You worked really hard” or “You’re willing to try something new and keep at it!” Best thing about this is that students themselves report that their attitudes change or are transformed. When they change how they think from a “That means I’m dumb” mindset …show more content…
Research studies show that the plasticity of the brain, which involves the intellect, and ability, grows with effort and practice. Another study discussed in the article (Boaler, 2013) focused on the importance of students mindset for learning, and concluded that if the students believe that the mind can grow and they can learn if they try harder than the achievement improves. Boaler also mentions in his study (2013) the importance of a teacher’s mindset as a teacher. The teachers must believe that all the students can grow and give all students opportunities to achieve high levels. Boaler then ends with the effects of ability grouping in all its different forms, the grouping practices damage the fixed mindset beliefs in

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