The Importance Of Interactive Billboard

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Figure 5 Interested on Machine Vision Billboard As shown in Figure 5, 77% of the people from interviewee want to see interactive billboard at shopping mall and just 12% of the participants those who want to look up an interactive billboard beside the road. Figure 6 Safety and Privacy
With regard customer’s safety and privacy, the result was totally unexpected because 64% of the respondents said that they feel safe even Machine Vision take their picture. In contrast, 23% of interviewee do not want to accept to give their photo. This information is shown in figure 6.

Figure 7 Replacing Interactive Billboard As a next step, should we replace Traditional Billboard with Interactive Billboard or not. According to data form research, 76 % of respondents think that the effectiveness of interactive billboard is totally different with traditional billboards. Hence, they think that advertisers should replace traditional billboards with interactive billboard. Only 4% of interviewees prefer traditional billboard to interactive billboard.
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And then, it can also give the information of the latest product, felling of happiness and more supportive than traditional billboard. This information shown in figure 8.

Figure 9 Benefit for Retailer and Wholesaler By looking up figure 9, it is seemed that machine vision can give lots of benefits to a retailer and wholesaler because it can easily gain the customer’s attention and most applicants think that it is the most effective way for out-of-home advertisings. Moreover, over 70% of interviewees agree with every single

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