The Importance Of Intelligence

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Register to read the introduction… Looking back at the 19th, 20th, and the current 21st century, the advances humans have made in technology and medicine, all came from our working brains, which have gained new information over the past 200 years. Part of the scientific community believes that intelligence is heritable, and we can thank, or not thank, our parents for the genes they gave to us. Other scientists believe the environment one has been nurtured in plays the biggest role in contributing to our intelligence levels. Hundreds of factors can be linked to the difference in intelligence among humans, and they can impact our IQ positively, or negatively. Many of these factors are just ideas or theories that haven't been concluded, and there are probably still hundreds of other factors we haven't discovered yet. But, with rising intelligence levels, humans are getting closer to finding these exact answers every …show more content…
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