Factors That Affect Brain Development

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Brain Development
Does the question " Why is he/she smarter than me? " brush through your mind whenever you see that someone always gets better grades than you do? Brain development is affected by certain factors that include both physiological as well as environmental. However, the influence of these factors must be equalized for maximum brain functionality. The brain is considered as many things at once by different people. Some say that
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⦁ Oligodendrocytes-Have an essential role in making myelin active during injuries or events that include progressive regeneration.
⦁ Human accelerated Regions (HARs)- Known as gene switches, HARs are regions of our genome that control gene regulation.
⦁ Jumping Genes in brain defects- Jumping Genes or transposons increase as a person ages. They are DNA sequences with a repetitive structure that enter themselves into another organisms genome. Once inserted, these jumping genes implement genetic variations that can increase the rate at which concurrent cell aging occurs. (neurobic.com/how-genes-affect-the-brain)
Environmental factors that affect brain development include the events that occur inside the womb, during the delivery of the child, and each day that passes after birth. Exposure to any of the following materials/chemicals can lead to decreased brain development and sometimes be fatal to the exposed.
Some major factors are listed
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It has been proven to disrupt the thyroid hormone that controls brain development in mice.
Solvents, such as toluene, may cause reduced learning ability, speech and motor skill issues in children. Children born to women who sniffed glue during pregnancy were found to be affected with these concerns. The effect of other solvents on the human developing brain have yet to be studied, but animal studies have demonstrated abnormal brain development.
Prions is an infectious form of one type of protein. This is said to be one of the factors causing in humans a rare brain disorder called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) that causes thinking difficulty, impaired judgment, speech difficulty, loss of co-ordination and blurred vision.
Having stated the physical and environmental factors of brain development, one can now get a clear idea on how to maximize factor utilization to be beneficial for brain development. (faculty.washington.edu/factors-affecting-brain-development) When it comes to the psychological aspects of brain development, brain activity in different intervals of ones life span, the activities that occur are given below:
Stage 1: 0 to 10

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