The Importance Of Information Storage

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In this modern age of information gathering and retrieval, the thought of how and to the extent we can store information has always been an issue of paramount concern. For while libraries, hard drives, and floppy disks served their purpose in bygone times, the amount of information we have today, along with the prodigious rate it is still growing, have made them , while not necessarily obsolete, insufficient for the task. This is why the most promising method of storage in the current time is none other than the building blocks of life itself: DNA. But to understand how deoxyribonucleic acid as a site of information storage came to be, the progress of its predecessors must be understood. The first form of large scale information storage is one we are still using in the modern day, though usage has decreased in the present age of .epub and .pdf files, is the library. These hallowed repositories of information can be traced back to the earliest recorded example: 30,000 clay tablets that bear the mark of ancient Mesopotamia. [1] But the greatest and most well-known example is the Great Library of Alexandria, one of the first …show more content…
The blocks, called payloads, also have two nucleotides, known as sense nucleotides, on both ends of the sequence that serve as indicators whether reverse complementation has occurred; this helps to avoid certain degradations. In addendum to the payload, there is a sequence of nucleotides that serve as a tag of where the information string is located in the input. This tag, also known as the address space, also identifies the key and associated value of the block. Finally, the block is capped on both ends with a primer sequence that serve as beacons for where the PCR process is supposed to act, as

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