Analysis Of 'GATTACA'

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The name “GATTACA” is composed entirely of the letters found in the biological macromolecule DNA. DNA is made up of four letters: G (Guanine), A (Adenine), T (Thymine), and C (Cytosine). The letters are arranged in the molecule in a very specific way, with A only reacting with T (and vice versa) and G only reacting with C (and vice versa).
The biological structure in Jerome’s apartment resembles a DNA strand, also known as a double helix. The components that make up the “steps” would be the letters A, T, C, and G. Remember, A only reacts with T and C only reacts with G. So the steps would be pairings between these letters, either AT, TA, CG, or GC. The components that represent the “rails” are the linear strands of the DNA molecule that the
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The materials are more than likely analyzed by a cross-checking process in which the DNA is matched to known DNA in an established system. As shown in the movie, the unique traces of DNA from the hair, dead skin cells, and nails are run through a database to determine who the material belongs to.
Vincent undergoes the procedure to add height to his frame. The man he is impersonating, Jerome, is said to be about 6’1. Vincent is not that height and he was told that shoes used to increase height would not work, hence the need for the
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Yes. This is to prevent the parents from constructing a child that looks or functions abnormaly. For example, parents should not be allowed to choose genes that would cause health problems or mental disorders. However, parents should be allowed to choose hair or eye color if they so choose.
Jerome’s superiority only seems to be a curse when his superiority fails him. This basically signifies that even genetically superior beings are not safe from the chaotic randomness of the world and they, too, can become an invalid in an instant. Although Jerome’s injuries were self-inflicted, it still paints a vivid picture of what Jerome was suffering mentally in order to think that attempted suicide (by means of getting hit by a car) was the answer. He may have been genetically superior, but he did not live an longer, or happier, because of

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