The Importance Of Increasing My Studying Behavior

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Increasing My Studying Behavior
Kelly Sullivan
Slippery Rock University

Most college students would like to improve their study habits. With better study habits, their grades will improve and their overall stress level will decrease. For a few of my courses, I tend to procrastinate and put off reading for the course until the last minute. This causes me to become stressed and not get enough sleep the night before exams for these courses. Due to these reasons, I would like to change my studying behavior to something more productive.
I would like to stop procrastinating and start studying more. I could use positive reinforcement to increase my studying behavior. To do this, I could reward myself with a piece of chocolate after I read a single page of a textbook. This will work when I am hungry, but not when I am full. When I am hungry, food motivates me because of deprivation. When I am full, I am
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Early on in the program, I would read two pages for each reinforcement. Later on, I would read four pages for reinforcement. Finally, I would read 10 pages before I would get reinforcement. The schedule would be gradually increased in steps to avoid ratio strain. I would reward myself with chocolate until I become satiated. After satiation, I would use a different reinforcer. I could use a fixed-interval schedule to provide reinforcement after a certain amount of time has passed. I would use this type of schedule when I am reading a textbook before a weekly exam. In the days leading up to the exam, the reading behavior would increase as the exam date approaches. After the exam is completed, I would be rewarded with a good grade. I would also reward myself with sleep. This type of reinforcement schedule does have a post-reinforcement pause, but in most cases, after I complete an exam, I do not begin studying for that course again until a few days

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