The Importance Of Imperature In Educational Research

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Register to read the introduction… Both processes are used in educational research. For instance: to carry out a research on the effect of increased temperature in classroom on effective teaching-learning process. The measurements and evaluation of temperature of classrooms in the study area must be taken to establish theories. 4. Both measurements and evaluation are subjected to error if not properly administered. That is, the use of these processes must follow a standard pattern to achieve the desired goal or objective. 5. Both of them can be used on physical or real objects and also on construct. For instance; the intelligence (which is a trait) can be measured and also evaluated. In the same vane; the classroom (real object) can be measured and also evaluated. 6. Measurement and evaluation are the very old process which is not only used in behavioral science – psychology and education but it is an origin of physical sciences and arithmetic.

Evaluation is an informal and continuous process. It takes place every time in every walk of life. The objects, facts, events and behaviors are continuously evaluated. The development measurement goes side by side the human development. The advancement of any nation and country is based on its precise devices and technique of measurement. The precision of measurement is most important criterion of the development of human

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