The Importance Of Ideology In Social Work

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Blau defines ideology as “a relatively coherent system of ideas about human nature, institutional arrangements, and social processes held by individuals and groups in society” (2014, p. 135). In other words, ideology is how a person sees his or her perfect world, or their worldview. When thinking about a worldview, there are many places that this can come from such as, “common sense, interpretations of daily experiences, and elaborate intellectual doctrines,” and can be influenced by surrounding people (Blau, 2014, p.135). With ideology, there is no right or wrong answers, but they tend to be liberal, conservative, or in-between the two. One of the issues I am most passionate about is women 's rights. Since the 1900s, the United States has come a long way with allowing women to vote, making birth control legal, having women in political positions, letting women choose their attire, and allowing women to file for divorce. But, there is still much more that is needed to make men and women equal. Right now, society looks down upon women being employed. It is believed that the man should work and make money for the family, while women should stay …show more content…
It has been instilled in me, ever since I was a young child that, "you get what you give." With this always in the back of my mind, I make it a goal to always help in the community in anyway I can. Every year, Bay City hosts their annual Cool City Car Show and Cruise, which is something I pride taking part in. Nearly everyone today is affected by cancer, and the car show raises money for The American Cancer Society. To prepare for this large event, it takes monthly meetings and a lot of hard work behind the scenes. All of the hard ladies and gentleman that put together this wonderful event dedicate their time and talents to raise awareness for those affected by cancer, and the research that is being

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