Hot Lunches Research Paper

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In my elementary school, I have seen only a select few kids receive free or reduced lunch. The students who did receive this were the kids who you could clearly tell were on the poverty-stricken side. It was noticeable because these particular kids would be wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row, come to school dirty, and would even show behavioral issues. Personally, in my school, it was very popular to bring a cold lunch to school. My friends and I would be trading our fruit snacks for applesauce, or juice boxes for gatorades. It was very rare to be getting hot lunch, so it was very noticeable to see the kids who would be getting hot lunch on a daily basis. To some of these kids, it might have been embarrassing to be a minority that is publicly getting the hot lunches everyday, because they were free …show more content…
It taught me that you cannot treat them like they are impaired, they are still students that need to be taught. You cannot lower your standard just because you know about their home life. In fact, the standards and expectations should be just as high as the rest of the classroom. That bring said, I feel as though we should be strong advocates for these students to give them the best opportunities to succeed. The other article by Sapp taught me that some activities are not meant for the classroom as a whole, because it could lead to children becoming self conscious. It is apparent that you have to take into consideration all of the children in your classroom while you are lesson planning, because it could lead to exclusion of some of the lower income families. The readings were hard to get through because of the strong sympathy I felt thinking about these kids. All I want to do it be able to help them by making school enjoyable, becoming a positive role model to guide them to success, and to change their outlook on life for the

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