Argumentative Essay On Homeschool

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Homeschooling a child or not is completely up to the parent. Many factors play into the decision whether to homeschool the child or not, but it is a decision that can possibly change the view of the child’s perception of social interactions and learning strategies as they get older. Considering homeschool is a completely different environment than a public/private school classroom, the parent does not have the proper requirements to be the teacher that otherwise qualified teachers would be able to offer. I don’t think parents should homeschool their children because there are teachers who are more qualified to actually teach children. Parents teach their children heritage, family values and morals, not math and science. However, author Chris Jeub argues that parents should homeschool their children. He mentions various social, academic, family, and religious reasons to support his claim. One of his biggest counter point is religion and states, “that 's too bad” (74) in regards to laws keeping religion out of schools. Jeub goes on about homeschool being a time for not only education, but time to incorporate the parents religion in the curriculum. His family reasons mention the strengthening of parents and child by homeschooling them. Academic reasoning is that homeschooling allows academic freedom in regards to what …show more content…
Some like the idea of teaching their children in the safety of their own home and others not so much, but when it comes to a more structured education; public schooling works most of the time. The idea of teaching at home does not seem the right way to go as it confines the child academically and socially in some regards. Children should experience the good and bad of public education because it allows them to take these skills with them as they go into adulthood. Parents can only do so much academic wise, but as it is a situational topic, parents should leave the teaching to the

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