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Based on my own personal experiences as a 21-year-old Hispanic female who is also a senior in college, being knowledgeable or capable of something has never been, nor will ever be determined by how well or poorly I perform on a test. However, there are many students, some barely starting their schooling, and some who graduate from college in less than four months, who would disagree with me. These students might believe that a high stakes test will define their worth and value to society. The Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation (2012-2015) believes that student success should not be based on the results of a single test, but instead should include valuable and relevant information. I agree with CREATE …show more content…
I can remember being a student in 3rd grade and my teacher, who was a first year teacher, would prepare us for the TAKS by having us memorize the multiplication facts. Every time we mastered a set, like multiplying by 7, we would earn a part of a banana split (the bowl, the banana, the ice cream, sprinkles, etc.). Looking back with the experiences of a student in college, I do not agree with this method of teaching the multiplication facts. Sadly, some students had to wait for their banana split when they failed a test that would earn them a scoop of ice cream or chocolate sauce. To this day, I still need to use my fingers to figure 6x8. According to American Evaluation Association (2012-2015), high stakes tests “contribute to an atmosphere of distrust, fear, divisive competition, and hysteria that is antithetical to teaching and learning.” As a student in college, and as a future teacher, I agree with the AEA that the high stakes tests given at the end of the school year cause unnecessary stress for students who should not even know what stress is at such a young age. Students are held to such high expectations that they may not reach, not because they are incapable of figuring the perimeter of a rectangle, but because they are so nervous and anxious about a multiple choice test that determines their passing to the next grade. Teachers on the other hand, are stressed beyond measure because they know that they have prepared their students and given them all the tools they need to do well, but know it is up to the students to do the best that they can, and on the day of the test, they are of no help

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