The Importance Of Hearing Aids

Imagine you’re just watching tv then you hear a loud boom and suddenly your ears start ringing, days later you realize you can’t hear out of your left ear. Your life is changed forever. Sounds horrendous doesn’t it. In summer of 2015 this tragic incident happened to me. When it first happened, I let it take a toll on my life, then I realized, life has no limitations except the ones we make.

The first time I failed a hearing test was in the 3rd grade. I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want to wear a hearing aid. At the time I thought hearing aids were huge tan blocks behind your ears that only old people wear. I have no clue why my school never told my parents but yeah. It didn’t bother me much since it was minor hearing
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It sounds like an echo”, at that moment I realized my hearing aids were very loud. I kept wearing them that week, but similar comments kept coming up and I realized they do kinda hurt when a loud sound happens near me, so I decided to just not wear them. Months later I told my parents because my dad kept asking me if I wore my hearing aids and I would lie and say I did but only at school. My dad was mad when I told them because they spent a lot of money on them. We went back to the place and the lady said “Yeah they are a little too loud” So she set them so they were a tad lower and then added another setting so if i press the button twice they become even lower. In the room they were PERFECT, but once I wore them at school, my ears were hearing better than the hearing aids because they were too low. I never said anything because I felt bad since the lady went through all that trouble to change the …show more content…
I was terrified, so I told my parents. My mom, of course didn’t believe me (she used to never believe me about health problems because she didn’t want them to do crazy tests on me and stuff). My dad called the hospital, made an appointment and days later I was back at the hearing part of the hospital. I took a test and now my left ear had moderately severe hearing loss. It was a noise induced loss and it was in my ear drum and another rare part to lose your hearing if you’re young. I was devastated. The doctors were confused, especially since I didn’t know exactly what the sound was. They probably thought I was crazy. I was then referred to a higher up doctor and we went to him. He told me the possible causes considering something like this was rare in young people. It could’ve been just a natural noise induced loss that could be fixed with a special shot...or a tumor (when he told me this I was like “??? say that again” ) I was so scared I would have cancer. He tested me for the tumor and said if I didn’t hear back from them then I don’t have it. Later he told me about the second thing they would do. This was probably the worst moment of my life. I guess one plus is, it cured me from my fear of shots. He said he would put liquid in my ear drum through a shot. At first I didn’t think it would hurt or anything because he said he would numb it. Little did I know, there’s no way to numb an eardrum and their technique

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