The Importance Of Hazard Analysis

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1. Introduction 1
2. Methodology 2
2.1 Data Collection 2
2.2 Analysis of Data 3
2.2.1 Fatalities Trend 3
2.2.2 Hazard Analysis 3
2.2.3 Season influence on the incident 5
2.2.4 Age influence on the incident 5
3. Results and Discussion 6
3.1 Fatalities Trend 6
3.1.1 Industry Based Fatalities 6
3.1.2 Construction Fatalities 8
3.2 Common Hazard 11
3.2.1 Oregon Emergency Management (OEM) Hazard Analysis method 11
3.4.2 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) 12
3.3 Age influence on the type of incident 13
3.4 Season influence 14
4. Conclusion 17
References 18

List of Tables
Table 1.Total Fatalities Based on Industry 3
Table 2 Ranking Criteria based on the Hazard Category 4
Table 3. Ranking Criteria Based on the Frequency
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For example according to OSHA statistics (2014), 4821 workers were killed while in the job in 2014. On average it is more than 13 people per day. This is huge number loss of lives which if not controlled we might end up losing all energetic workers just because we don’t want to take it seriously. Out of these deaths, 20.5% are from the construction industry. This is significant figure as it can be noted that it is almost quarter of the death tolls reported. The leading failure in the construction industry were falls (39.9%), followed by electrocutions (8.2%), struck by objects (8.1%) and caught-in/between …show more content…
Their results showed that all the personnel have high level of awareness upon the falls.
A safety working method statement (SWMS) is a document that sets out the high risk construction work activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards arising from these activities and the measures to be put in place to control the risks. A study done by David (2012) on how the managers and workers interpret and use the safe work method statement in the Australian construction industry in order to explore if there was a gap between work as imagined and work as performed found that there is gap that exists between work as imagined and work as

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