The Importance Of Happiness For Us Humans Essay

1852 Words Jun 4th, 2016 8 Pages
We humans need a lot to survive in this world, but we also really want a lot in this world. We all want to enjoy the good times and forget the bad times and that is why we think that it’s really important to play instead of doing anything else. Time goes by faster when you are doing something you love. You are driven every morning waking up to do some work, but without some hobbies to cool you down, you can really just break. My goal of this paper is to provide you with evidence that happiness for us humans is a must.

Humans wake up every day, some really happy, some really sad. The ones that wake up happy are probably looking forward for something that would make them happy, but even if you wake up sad, you will strive to look for something you really like and can make you happy. Happiness isn’t a little thing at all, it’s just a powerful thing that last so little that it would make us think that it’s a little thing.”Most people were happier when their minds were not wondering.” (The Human Experiment 1:36-1:41). We are most happy when we are living in the present than in our minds. It’s in all of us, even the ones that denies and say they don’t need happiness. “What is good for, or valuable for, an individual has an objective status, whether or not it is perceived by, evaluated by, or desired by, the individual who has the ability to attain that good or value“(Younkins). This quote explains that not everything you have can 100 percent make you happy. What can make…

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