The Importance Of Happiness And Happiness

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Being happy and leading a good life is goal of every human being. Every human follows the different path to achieve happiness and good life. After reading various texts around happiness my view has changed about what is involved in being happy. During childhood days I always wish chocolates. Most of the time my parent refuses to give me candy or chocolates which I never liked. I used to be happy when someone gives me chocolates. So far I believed that chocolates were one of the reasons for my happiness during childhood. Now, I realized that it was just pleasure and Happiness is not pleasure. I used to be momentarily happy but not fulfilled. Moreover, one motive for identifying happiness with pleasure is the quest for certainty about what is …show more content…
Good life is thought to be a life of affluence. I somehow believe that in today’s world some possessions are required to live; however, the view that happiness equal to wealth is not true. The certainty that accumulating wealth will lead to happiness is likely to prevent someone from discovering what happiness really is. The certainty itself prevents the person from considering the other possible meanings of happiness and other possible life paths. I am good painter but because of work and money priority I am not able to give time to my hobby. Now, I believe that it would not be a bad idea to take off from work and spend good time with my daughter on children’s …show more content…
If you have money, family, honor and other luxury but bad health than all these things is of no use. Happiness is not just proper functioning of body but also proper functioning of a person as a whole. Our proper function is to exercise this intellectual side in creative activities which can create something valuable with originality. I was giving importance to other activity like job, study and family hence not allocating the time to my painting hobby. Now my view is changed and going to allocate time to my creative activity which gives me happiness and also contributing to my good life balance.
I agree that maintaining self-control on rational, spirited and appetitive part of our soul can lead to happy and good life. One cannot live a good life or happy when one’s soul is in turmoil. Sometime I get angry and behave rudely with my family members because of stressful day. It hurts the feeling of my family members and in turns I feel bad. For happy and good life such things should be avoided. Person should try to be happy in such stressful conditions as well. Similarly, I like oily food but it is not good for health so I am trying to avoid that as much as I

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