The Importance Of Handying

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After writing several high school essays, I always seem to get the comment from a teacher, “improve handwriting,” or “hard to read.” I therefore create this to explain the plight of being a member of ten percent of the world’s population, the left-handed. Handwriting alone is not the only thing that plagues the left-handed; it is the righty-controlled society that is forced upon them. From scissors, to spiral notebooks and whiteboards, lefties have been left out.
I was born into a family with 2 other left-handed brothers, an unusual turnout. When anyone asks me what it is like to be lefty I tell them one thing; I am forgotten. American industry makes products for the majority, not for me. Being forced to adjust to this dictatorship of
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The worst feeling is when people begin to become fascinated by the thought that I do not write like they do. They call me weird and other hurtful names. They ask how I do it. They try to write like me and give up saying, “that is just not normal.” That term hurts lefties the most, “normal.” Just because I do not write with my right hand does not mean I do not write right. These hurtful names are what cause lefties to feel inadequate and undesired. This causes people like me to feel ashamed for what they cannot fix. Even though they were born that way, I know from experience that after being called weird, they feel the need to change and use their right hand. If righties could respect the left-handed, it would do a great deal to prevent my pains.
Furthermore, imagine being told that walking backward was the only way one could walk. This is extremely difficult and prevents one from being able to focus on anything else. Eventually it can be accomplished, but it is not the easiest way to ambulate. This is exactly what the left-handed people must deal with in regards to fine dining and being elegant. Now cutting my food with a knife in my right hand seems somewhat natural, but I know if I were able to eat with my left hand it would feel much

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