Why Guns Should Be Banned On Campus Essay

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Throughout the course of the years, there has been a series of gun shootings in schools, universities, and public places. Unfortunately, these gun shootings have ended with a profuse amount of casualties instilling fear and melancholy in our society. Although several individuals firmly believe that guns are essential in the quest for survival and it is their right to bear arms, they do not realize the potential dangers of a gun in the hands of a ludicrous, impulsive individual. In a modern era, where there is police security and an emergency phone booth in every corner of a campus, there is no potential need for a gun on a college campus. There are measures of protection that are implemented in every school to ensure the well-being and security of every student on campus. Allowing students to bring guns to school would defeat this purpose and promote violence. As a result of the negative impact guns can have on a college campus, they should not be permitted because it can lead to devastating events risking the …show more content…
Implementing a pro-gun law on college campuses would only expose faculty and students to danger and increase violence throughout the university. Although it is one 's right to bear arms, it is a right that should be closely monitored. Guns should only be allowed in a household where everyone is aware of the gun present and when the person is properly trained to use one. Allowing guns a college campus will not make the environment any safer, there are officers who have been properly trained to ensure the safety of the students. Only prohibiting guns on campus can ensure the well-being and the education of students as well as

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