The Importance Of Gun Control

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Phoenix, Arizona its 4:30 pm and a young 14 year old boy is babysitting his younger sibling. He hears the doorbell ring and at the door is a strange women he 's never seen before. Making a smart choice he does not let her in. An hour or two later the young boy hears a loud bang which he presumes is an intruder. He quickly hurries his siblings upstairs and waits for the intruder. Even though people think that firearms are bad and unsafe, Guns are vital to the defense of the people and the nation because the American people have the right to defend there selves and there nation and 2.5 million crimes are countered by armed citizens every year.(Hawkin) A huge foothold in the gun control movement would be the recent shooting including Sandy Hook, …show more content…
The fact that citizens take out more criminals just goes to show that law enforcement won always be there to protect you, you might have to do it yourself. Should be a wakeup call for most pro-gun control enthusiasts, if there is 2.5 millions preventions a years would translate to around 6,258 a day(“Just For Skeptics.”).That information is not something shared on the news which is in the most part a one-sided source of information which only displays the bad side of guns. A responsible citizen will use his or her right responsibly showing gun discipline with the outmost respect for others around them. In other words not every person with a gun on them is a bad person . Concealed carry classes are mandatory for any person looking to carry there sidearm legally. In that class they are taught gun discipline and safety, and have an extensive background test taken on them. Ensuring that only citizens with clean records can have the privilege of carrying a weapon on one’s self. Another case of self-defense from an off duty police officer who stopped a gunman by the name of Jesus Manuel Garcia. Jesus had worked at the china Garden restaurant close from the Mayan Palace Theatre. Jesus who was only 19 at the time was hysterical because of relationship problem which brought him to shoot across the street at the theatre and at a nearby patrol car. The off duty officer who was carrying at the time didn 't waste any of it from preventing Jesus from hurting anyone. The off duty officer had to take the necessary precaution and had shot and killed

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