Personal Narrative: Growing Up As A Father

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Growing up my father, well I do not know if I can call him that. I looked at the other kids playing with their dads. Playing baseball, basketball, or even just hanging out with their father knowing that they loved them. For me it was a different point of view I saw it differently, my father never liked me in any way. We would never do things that the other children were doing. We never did go outside and play baseball, basketball or any other sport that seemed fun. It seemed that he and I could never get along. We could never do anything that we fun.
Nonetheless, he looks at me with hate like I have done something to him. Like I have stolen something or smashed one of his favorite objects. I was only a child at the time I did not know what
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Especially in a family that I did not ask to be in. Why did I have to be the one that lives with a man that hates me for no reason? Why could I not have been replaced by someone else? Why could not I have been born somewhere else? With another family that a father would have loved me.
Even, what I realized when I got older was the fact that I was maturing more than he was. Now he wants to start being a "father" and starting hanging out, joking and doing thing together. It was already too late for that; he had a chance to make it right when I was young at the time. He missed his opportunity to be a father; he acts more like a child than a grown man. I cannot stand him, and I cannot stand being around him anymore. I even hate when I hang out with him because he ruins all the fun. I do not like being around him now, nor do I like joking with him or being around him. All in all, now I realize that, if I ever get married it's to treat my son good and to raise him right. Be treated equally, let him make friends, and make sure that he is happy and not mistreated and to be well loved by his own father. I make sure that my son has a childhood that I never had. That we do the things that I did not do. That I spend time with him and spend every minute of

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