Personal Narrative: My Growing Up In African Education

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Growing up in African was difficult. I was there till I was 10 years old, moving from a different family member each year to find a place that would be suitable for me to be successful at school. I am not one of those kids that education came to easily, I used to hate going to school. I hated the fact that I was always the last person to get the right answer in class and that is if I did get the answer right at all. I hated the fact what I could never talk to my friends about how I was doing in school because I knew that they would just end up making fun of me if they really knew how badly I doing in school. My dad would always send money so I could get tutored after school. Having a tutor never really help me out, must of them just did it for …show more content…
I never took school as seriously until my English teacher Mr. Flotz made me realize my potential was being understated by myself. He made me realize that nobody can put a label on me if I don’t allow them to. He was the first teacher to actually believe in me, after school he would talk to me about what I wanted to do in the future. He made me believe that I had the ability to take an AP class and actually do well in them. I started to realize that teachers are builders and I am the one that they are trying to build. He and my dad were the one that helped me set the standard for the classes I take and the way I view the institution of education. It funny when my dad calls my mom in African and tells how good am going in school, she never believes his. I still don’t have as much confident in myself when it comes to education. But I have learned to set standards of what I want to accomplish in school. Its funny how I beat myself up more when I don’t accomplish my gold’s then my dad

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