The Importance Of Girls In A Single-Gendered Classroom

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Does being in a single-gendered classroom increase girls’ math achievement? In these two research studies I am going to see if that statement appears to be true. In the studies I will include students from both a single-gendered classroom and a co-ed classroom. Since I grew up going to a co-ed school, I am very interested in seeing the results. I hope that these two studies will benefit parent’s decisions on whether or not they will send their girls to a single-gendered school.
In my correlational study, I will recruit my participants from twenty different high schools around the United States. Half of my participants will be from a single-gendered classroom and the other half from a co-ed classroom. I will study two hundred girls in the eleventh
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Boys tend to cause distractions within the classroom and without them, the girls will be more apt to learn. Of course there will still be plenty of distractions, but I think the girls will focus a lot better. Also, not having boys in the room will empower women to strengthen their abilities and not be afraid to answer questions. This allows girls to feel confident in what they know and become more willing to learn more as well. I strongly believe that this is an ethical study. I received parental consent before I started my study which means they knew what was going to happen in the study. If they did not sign, I did not use their child in my study. Also, I will keep the names of the girls in this study confidential and they will not be released to the public. I did nothing to harm the students or their education, but simply tried to prove my point. In conclusion, my study showed that there was negative correlation between having boys in the classroom and girl’s math achievement. When boys were present, girls’ math scores were lowered. However, in the single-gendered classroom the girls scores were higher. (directly say so there isn’t …show more content…
They will be going at the same pace as well. There will be no variation between the two classrooms except for the gender differences. Also, both classes will be taught twice a week at the same time of day. I will consistently give both classes assignments, quizzes, and tests throughout the year. There will also be in-class assignments given to see how well the students work with one another. The control group in this experiment are the girls and boys in the co-ed classroom and the girls in the single-gendered classroom are the experimental group. The independent variable is whether or not there are boys in the classroom and the dependent variable is the success of the girls in math. I will collect my data by two different ways in this experiment. The first way is by observation. I will observe both groups of girls when they are working in groups. In the experimental group, one girl will be paired with four guys. It will be interesting to see how much the girls participate when they are vastly outnumbered in the classroom. The other way I will collect my data is from the assignments, quizzes, and tests they take. These will all be multiple choice, in the form of a

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