Themes And Influence Of Gender Stereotypes

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“Gender stereotypes are very influential; they affect conceptualizations of women and men. They establish social categories that represent what people think. Even when beliefs vary from reality, the beliefs can be very powerful forces in judgements of self and others” (Brannon, 2011, pg. 47). When first reading this quote I did not grasp the full message the author was trying to express. After reflecting on the concept, I can now see the importance behind the passage and the value and influence that gender stereotypes play in our lives. The whole concept of gender has made an incredible impact on my life. Gender is more than male and female, it impacts the way we view the world and the individuals around us. It affects the way we view ourselves and the …show more content…
These four themes are no sissy stuff, the big wheel, give ‘em hell, the sturdy oak. When we first discussed this in class I immediately could relate with these themes. These are four themes that were constantly reinforced throughout my childhood. The theme that hit home for me was sturdy oak. Growing up I was constantly told that the man had to be the supporter of the family. The man is the one that has to provide for the needs of the family both emotionally and physically. I remember feeling the pressure from a young age of being a man and the responsibility that it entailed. We also discussed how gender roles for men are contradictory and stressful. When first hearing this it took me a second to understand what this meant. Once reflecting on this statement I could really see the validity behind the statement. Some of the gender stereotypes for a man are being macho and aggressive. This type of behavior is often met with disapproval. Men are expected to behave in a certain way, but that behavior is sometimes criticized and frowned upon. This can be extremely stressful and

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