How To Fulfill Gender Stereotypes

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As a man in society, I am obligated to fulfill gender stereotypes that are demeaning to both men and women, and also can be the root of serious problems. Attempting to fit into these hurtful generalizations can be frustrating, and can lead to anger along with other issues, both mentally and physically. Men have always been viewed as the tougher gender, and with that comes no ability to express emotion. They are the rock for the family, and cannot simply be bothered by menial issues like emotion. Additionally, female stereotypes that force conformation of body image can also be extremely detrimental. Many women take large measures in order to make themselves look appealing and attractive towards men, and these steps can cause great amounts of harm. Furthermore, not only women are forced to conform to gender expectations. As women are expected to make themselves presentable to men, men are forced to change their appearance to society. Gender stereotypes serve only to harm because it teaches men to hide their emotions, women to take drastic measures to
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Men have always been represented as a strong individual, who is responsible for working and providing for the family. Stereotypes of this have led men to believe their emotions cannot be expressed, because it is a symbol of weakness. At the same time, women are forced to conform to social norms when dealing with body image in order to appeal to men. The conformation of these is both demeaning and harmful, as the lengths women will go to appeal to men is drastic. At the same time, however, men are also impacted by body image. Men are impacted on a different field than women, but the issue still persists. By addressing the ridiculousness of these gender stereotypes, men especially have the ability to redefine how they will be represented for generations to

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