The Importance Of Freedom In Baseball

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Freedom In Baseball
This country was founded on the sport of baseball. Baseball has been around forever and has been America’s number one pastime for centuries.
It was a warm sunny morning in Oakland, California and I was riding my bike home from the coffee shop on 5th street. It was the summer of my junior year and I had decided I wanted to live with my aunt for the summer. There were all kinds of things to do in the city and I had to choose something to do on the day my aunt was off work. I love all sports but I have to say only one of them makes me feel the freedom of being an American. If you don’t like baseball you don’t like freedom. My uncle told me about the A’s when I was younger but never would take me to see them. I always wanted to see them play and finally got the chance to see them several years later. Kansas City Royals were in town for a heated rivalry and the city was ready for it. My aunt bought tickets for a cheap price. The normal price was about $150, but she got them half off. She told me she wanted me to enjoy an Oakland game with my uncle and her. I couldn’t wait to go!
The game was set to take place on a Tuesday
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I have never felt the love of freedom more than when I was sitting there watching these players play. Some of them came from nothing, others came from middle class homes and now they are all able to make sure Mom and Dad will never struggle again. The fact that I get to sit there and watch them for enjoyment makes me so happy. I feel like a true American watching baseball because I’d like to say it's our nation’s sport. You can see at the games that other people feel very patriotic and free watching their idols play some of the best games of their lives. The looks in their eyes are like children's when they see a new toy at the store. Baseball is the sport of freedom and you can definitely feel it just by going to a game and watching

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