The Importance Of Formal And Informal Organizational Standards

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The organizational ethical considerations are applications of formal and informal organizational standards and code of conducts that are obligatory to be follow by employees and every employer represented. Every part of the core ethical considerations should include trust development, honesty and respect to the workers and the consumers to maintain a healthy social and marketing interaction with the customer. To aim to follow ethical consideration and instill cultural compliance, it takes a good solid manager to successfully and positively deal with the issues inside with what is right for the company considering two factors. The stakeholders and the employees involved in the issue. Stakeholders are those who can affect or be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives and or policies. Actions can be either negative or positive. Stakeholders can be employees, directors, customers, owners, suppliers, etc. The stakeholders for this scenario with PharmaCARE are the employees, the company, the Colberian government and the company’s customers.

Human Rights Issues PharmaCare’s treatment of the Colberia Indigenous population versus its executives presents a number of human rights issues. The first human right issue is discrimination. The firm accords differential treatment to its workers in Africa and the executive in the United States. The company lavishes the executives with riches while it exploits African workers. This practice amounts to racial discrimination. The…

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