The Importance Of Fast Food

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Register to read the introduction… McDonald’s, Burger King, and other popular fast food chains are adopting this idea of adding nutritious food to their menus (“Nutrition” par. 6). For example, Burger King has added healthier food options such as apples cut to resemble French fries, low-fat milk, and low-fat, flame-broiled chicken tenders (“Nutrition par. 6). Other nourishing foods that have been added to the menus of fast food restaurants include fruit parfaits, salads, mandarin oranges, wraps, and fat free salad dressing and condiments (“Healthy” par. 4). By serving healthier food, this benefits the customers and the businesses. The customers are eating healthier food, which helps your body get the nutrition and vitamins it needs. Instead of eating artery clogging burgers and fries, these alternatives taste just as good but do not do the damage to our bodies (“Ban” par. 38). The fast food businesses are also profiting from the addition of healthy food. Americans are more concerned these days with watching what they eat (“Nutrition” par. 2). Since they are more interested in eating nutritious meals and snacks, the profits of selling these foods go up (“Nutrition” par. 10). The fast food industry is simply responding to what Americans want, health concerns, and the obesity epidemic (“Nutrition” par. 4). Sheila Weiss, a director of nutrition policy at the National Restaurant Association, stated, …show more content…
There has been a lot of talk about this addition. Some cities and states have already come up with regulations requiring the calorie amount to be posted (“Judge” par. 15). This would require the calories to be listed next to the money amount of menus (“Judge” par.2). This addition of the calorie amount would promote better health choices. Customers would be forced to see the calorie totals for each food item. By seeing this, many might be persuaded to buy something with fewer calories. Fast food companies should have healthier standards and create a more nutritious environment by posting helpful information on …show more content…
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