Family Events In The Life Of Ashli Derifield

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Family means more than anything to Ashli Derifield. Family is all about being together, supporting each other, and most of all having fun together. She spent many vacations together with her family that brought her family closer and made their family bond stronger. Family events, such as weddings and anniversaries, were the times she was able to support and celebrate with her family. Being in the outdoors with her brothers, parents’ and grandfather are some of the fun memories she has that brings lots of meaning to family. Family is at the center of everything for Ashli, and nothing will take that away from her. Vacations and road trips are up at the top of memorable events in her life because those trips brought her family closer together. …show more content…
Some of the activities Ashli enjoys most in the outdoors is hunting and fishing. Ever since she was five years old, Ashli has gone to her grandparents cabin on the Mississippi where she spends a lot of time fishing with her grandfather. This past year, Ashli has also gone on trips to Clear Lake and Lake Panorama where she also spent lots of time fishing with her family. 2012 was the first year Ashli decided to start hunting with her father and brothers. She shot her first turkey the first time she went hunting, and ever since then she goes hunting several times a year. She does not like hunting because she is killing animals but because she is doing something that her father and brothers all enjoy. Ashli enjoys to do almost anything in the outdoors as long as she is doing it together with her family.
Family is the most important piece to Ashli’s life. A lot of time is spent together with her family because Ashli knows that one day all these small and big moments will put a smile on her face. Everyone being together, supporting each other, and just having fun is what it means to be a family to Ashli. Vacations to other states, family events such as weddings, and being in the outdoors hunting and fishing with her family is some of Ashli’s most memorable events in her life. To Ashli, family is

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