The Importance Of Traveling To El Salvador

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The world is a wonderful place, which is filled with extraordinary places to travel. Where it is to travel someplace where there aren’t as many people to a place where there might be a vast majority of people. Even though I have had memorable memories there is one memory that I will never forget, the day when my family and I traveled to El Salvador. El Salvador is known as the smallest country in Central America. The reason why we went on a vacation to El Salvador was because it is both of my parent’s hometown. Once we arrived at the airport of El Salvador family members and friends greeted us. During our vacation we went to visit tourist places, but I did notice a couple of differences than the ones compared to California for instance; the food was different, and the Spanish language was spoken differently as well.
Traveling to my parent’s hometown wasn’t just a beautiful memory, but a memory that we
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When going to tourist places we went to beaches and since in El Salvador if you own a pick up tuck passengers can ride in the trunk, since it is legal over there most of our family joined us and when we arrived to the beaches the water is clear, clean, and warm. Many people love to travel to central America because of that reason that the waters over there are nice and warm they aren’t as cold as the ones in the U.S. Volcanoes in El Salvador is a big part since there have been a lot eruptions and there are places to visit where you can see the hole from where the volcanoes erupted and nature all around the dead volcanoes. Nature is all around, anywhere you go you see mountains, trees, birds, flowers, coconuts, palm trees, etc. In Central America El Salvador is the smallest and because of that you see nature everywhere, everything is close by. In order to go hiking or zip ling it is close by since those particular activities mostly require nature and

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