The Importance Of Family Matters

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Family Matters
Imagine waking up and getting up to do your regular day routine. You don’t even go over it in your head, it’s just so normal just getting up and feeding the dogs, giving my older brother Richard his medication and making breakfast in the microwave. My dad who was taking his regular smoke outside, calls me and gives me news that would change my life. When someone imagines news that will change their life they picture something like, “oh we’re moving, say goodbye to your friends”. No, this was different this changed my life in every aspect. The news that he gave me was that I had a younger brother named Sam. Here, right in front of me laid a choice to either do the right
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With a grim face he shut down all possibility of that line of thought when he said “I’m not joking this is a serious matter”. I went back inside trying my best not to cry, at that very moment it seemed like an impossible task. The questions about this new addition to my family popped into my head by the dozen. How old was he? What was his name? When was his birthday? As if any of that mattered, my dad had in fact cheated on my mother and my relationship with him would never be the same. The decision to not accept Sam seemed to grow easier by the second. Movies have always told me that children like this pulled families apart and that the older siblings never accepted them. I thought about what people would say when this inevitably broke apart my …show more content…
It was just something that I had seen on TV or read in a book, but deep down I knew the truth. Within those two months of knowing about his existence I had gone through the stages of denial and seemed to be stuck with anger. I very strongly disliked this new child, I couldn 't even look at my father when he called me the baby of the family, because I would hear my subconscious say not anymore and never again. I couldn 't see my father interact with children under the age of six, because I knew that he was picturing his son that he didn 't get to raise. Knowing that the decision to never interact with him would be easy. But I knew that if I did that I would never be happy with myself.
Eventually, coming to my senses I realized that Sam had no fault in this situation, he was in other words an innocent bystander. Sam came to visit us over the summer and he stayed for a month and a half. This was the first time that I had ever spent an extended amount of time with him, and my moms first time meeting him altogether. It was nice getting to know the sweet little boy who had an obsession with Power Rangers and

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