Essay On Extraversion

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Over the past 2500 years, there have been select people portrayed as more talkative than others, more assertive, and bolder than others (Revelle, 2008). Over those years, extraversion has been studied and became socially and biologically important to the field of psychology and personality. The science behind the topic has grown along with the research conducted to study this individual personality trait. The importance of this trait remains today just as important as it was when first discovered. Extraversion is most commonly found on the five-factor model as one of the select five personality traits that make up a person. It typically describes the amount of energy, assertiveness, and sociability a person contains.
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Studies need to be done to conduct results to determine the statistical verification. It is hard to prove because a person’s attitude and behavior can vary and just because someone is in a good mood and is enjoying being around others doesn’t mean that they are extraverted (Sharp, 1987). Typological analysis is given in the form of written tests. Although their validity is statistical and time specific, it does not take into account that a person’s typological can change with time (Sharp, …show more content…
This one personality trait has made me be extremely chatty, outgoing, happy, and hard working. It comes with disadvantages, but overall it is a positive personality trait that anyone would be lucky to have. Research is being conducted daily to learn more about those who contain this personality trait. It has been a topic that interests the field of psychology and learning about personality and why people are the way they are. Those who contain this personality trait should be considered lucky because they can interact with others unlike most and they will overall live a happy sociable

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