Ethics In Child Labor

Running head: ETHICS 1 ETHICS 4

Hieu Le
Columbia Southern University
BBA 4751

Ethics In the world today, businesses are dealing with several challenges, which include ethical behaviors, intensive competitions, financial results, and future of organizations. The majority companies always seek for their financial performance quarterly, annually, and estimate outlooks for the next coming years. Therefore, firms utilize different strategies to win business contracts, customers, and their bottom
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Businesses take advantage for their own interests by hiring children to work for them. According to Nodoushani, (2013), most child labor is conducted in the poor countries. The majority child labor from 5 and 17 work in agriculture under hazardous conditions. China is accounted for over 10 million children perform their work in farms and receiving low wages and poor working conditions. There are four primary reasons that create child labor include poverty, lack of resources, lack of leadership in government, and limited access to education (Nodoushani, 2013). Due to cost cutting and outsourcing jobs oversea, Walmart, Nike and Victoria Secret are the main corporations to shift jobs to the third countries. These companies commonly use, China, India, and Vietnam are the main destinations of low paying jobs. Hence, businesses in these countries hire child labor to work with a salary of $62 and $125 per month (Nodoushani, …show more content…
These truthful behaviors and activities will enable individuals and organizations succeed in society and marketplace in the long-term. Thus, any unethical action will be punished, and may not be allowed in the U.S as well as globally. Although there are ethical dilemmas that arise in a few countries, organizations in the world, such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), and the United Nation (UN) are striving to prohibit child labor, urge for human rights, and fair wages to make the globe becomes a better place.

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