The Importance Of Ethical Leaders

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Leaders are very important to any business or corporation. An ethical leader is what makes a difference between the corporation having successful annual profits or continuing success for generations. On the other side of the spectrum is corruption and unethical behavior. It can lead to total failure of the relationship between the business, customers, employees, shareholders, and the public.
Corruption and unethical behavior have occurred since the beginning of time. Although most leaders begin with noble intentions, wholesome and ethical leaders are difficult to find today. But unfortunately, when faced with factors such as greed and corruption, leaders lose their focus along the way. The text mentions, that some of “The biggest ethical challenges leaders face today are personal weakness and self-interest rather than full scale corruption” (Daft, & Lane, 2015 p.168).
It is no mystery that leaders face many pressures that comes with the position and responsibility. The pressures they face are real and can be intimidating. The text mentions that some of the pressures leaders confront are cutting costs, increasing profits, meeting demands of business partners and personal interest.
The need for financial gain can truly be blinding for those
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She also steered bond awards that benefitted her. Newell plead guilty to collecting cash from multiple schemes. Masilotti betrayed the public’s trust and collected over nine million dollars in real estate and cash while in office (Palm Beach County, 2011). As the text mentions ethics is “The code of moral principles and values that governs the behavior of a person or group with respect of what is right or wrong (Daft, & Lane, 2015 p.446)”. Had Newell, McCarthy and Masilotti followed the correct code of moral principle and values they would not have succumbed to the need of financial

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