Leadership That Exemplifies Ethical Standards And Practices: A Case Study

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Identify Qualities About the Organization’s Leadership That Exemplifies Ethical Standards and Practices
This essay discusses the practices and leadership choices made in General Motors Ltd. General Motors is one of the most profitable organizations in the world. It deals with the production and assembling of motor vehicles all over the world. I believe that the type of leadership in General Motors has contributed to its ' profitability. General Motors is characterized by leaders who adhere to ethical standards and practices in the following ways.
Their leaders treat all employees equally regardless of their race, social background, or academic qualifications. Employees are promoted fairly based on their skills and competence. Their managers are also selected based on criteria, and this is the reason why General Motors has the best managers in the world. General Motors ' leaders are also honest in all business transactions. All cases concerning fraudulent acts are reported to the Chief Executive Officers (CEO). Reporting of fraudulent acts prevents
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There was also a reduction in employee turnover because inclusive leadership style enabled all employees to participate in goal setting and this made them feel valued (Jusko, 2014). She shared the company 's vision with all employees, and she invited them to take part in achieving the mission. The whole leadership style enabled employees to feel as if they owned the organization and this made them work harder for the achievement of the company 's mission. All staff was free to provide suggestions and reject some top management decisions if they seemed to be unreasonable. They also felt appreciated because Mary respected all employees despite their diverse backgrounds. Mary Barra encouraged a respectful atmosphere among employees, and she criticized all employees who disrespected their

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