The Importance Of Ethical Behavior

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We’ve come to realization as a group that business’s hire individuals that may join in on unethical behavior. Sad, but true, this is a commonality throughout American companies. For example, Verizon makes it close to impossible to back out of a contract. To us, that is a form of unethical behavior since there is deception running through the background of a contract. Keep in mind that unethical behavior can simply be using company branding to get into a show or game as well as using work time to gain an advantage in personal life activities. For instance, if someone were to use trading numbers to gain market share within another company during work hours, that is looked at as unethical. Investors will then be unwilling to buy shares from companies …show more content…
Employees with proper moral standards are struggling to fight against other’s who may have many unethical behavior traits. To make it worse, many unethical conducts go unpunished because of legal insignificance, even though it is up to the employer to reprimand such behavior (Sigma, 2011). In some cases, it is unfortunately the entire business that performs unethically actions rather than a single person or group. Businesses who partake in unethical business practices harm more then a reputation is what we are saying; however, why do some still practice this way? To gain a completive advantage of course! Competitive advantage with profit, stocks, shares, and target …show more content…
Capitalism is a major contributor to our perception of our future. It focuses on money. Money being the only reason to do any type of practice. By giving the power to money to determine our future, many face irresistibility towards making mistakes. That is why perception is key to everything. To us, having a negative perception of a company outweighs the monetary benefit. It looks to be easier to many to risk profit over public negativity. Especially in today’s society where everything can be posted instantly, therefore making critics opinion easier to access. Bringing it back to Jordan Belfort, he weighed monetary benefits over negative perception. He had no care what the cops thought of him, as long as he was making profits. Why do businesses partake in unethical business practices? Simply the fact of not knowing, caring, or wanting a competitive edge over competitors. It is a shame that there has become such a grey area between right and wrong. Some companies have become so greedy that they’d rather perform in an unethical manor despite employee’s health, and reputation (Sigma,

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