Equality Of Women Research Paper

Are we just going to let men degrade on women for forever? No! In order for the inequality that women face to change, we must stand up for not only ourselves, but the entire female community. By standing up we can help limit the thought that men can rule over women. Women deserve equality and freedom! All women should support having equal rights. Being a feminist or supporting feminist values has no correlation to being a terrible woman. Supporting feminism will change cultures worldwide to equally involve women politically and socially, as well as historically. I consider myself a feminist because I know what women deserve and I will stick up for myself regardless of the difficulties I may face. Women should embody feminist values because of inequality of wages between male and female workers. Women aren’t paid as much as men and we should all stand up for our equality, as well as our natural given rights. Many may argue that women choose to work in lower paying fields, but when it comes down to different genders having the exact same career title, we should be equally paid. For example, male soccer players are paid tremendously more than female soccer players, simply based off of gender. “Each player on the USWNT earns $99,000 per year provided the team wins 20 friendlies, the minimum number of matches they would play. By contrast, each men’s player would …show more content…
If women stand up for not only ourselves, but the entire female community, it can hopefully help create equality in men and women. I hope one day that women are equal to men politically, socially, and historically. No gender is superior than the other, no gender dominates the other, and we all deserve equality. Until that day, I want to encourage other women to stand up for what they believe in and to not be ashamed to support the feminist movement. Not all feminist believe in the same things, but they all do support the fight for our

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