The Importance Of Equality In Women's Sports

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there has been little effort by the public to promote respect and creditability in Women’s Sports. However, over the past decade the controversy around women’s sports and campaigns that support diversity or equality has brought women 's sports a long way since the early 1980s. As a male athlete, it’s hard for me to understand the scrutiny women went through while pursuing their love for athletics. Women were stereotyped by society and labeled as feminist and couldn 't be seen as an equal in the world of athletics. Thankfully, women, (and some men), generated enough attention to this disparity in the world of sports and were able to successfully gain leverage in the movement for gender equality in athletics. These pioneers were able to make great gains toward changes made for the sexuality in women 's sports, overall appearance, and equal rights.

The tremendous increase in the number of women participating in sports combined with an increase
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Which led to them taking the situation into their own hands and the controversial issue was taken to court. In the article Inequality of Sport: Women the author explains that even though women were assumed by law to be equal with men, they weren’t represented as equal in sports. In 1972 the Office of Civil Rights enforced an amendment Title IX that protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities (Hanson). Even though the society enforced this amendment stating the equal rights for men and women, things did not immediately shift toward gender equality. Women experienced much hardship and discrimination fighting for their of gender equality in sports. Unfortunately, history and even some attitudes in today 's society associate women with the stigma of care takers and nurtures and find it difficult to so how women can be successful in

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