The Importance Of Equal Pay

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April 12th, equal pay day, symbolized how far women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. This day is dedicated to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. All human cultures have various expectations regarding the male or female gender. There are many standards that dictate how individuals should dress, think, behave, and interact with the world around them. It is when these roles begin to reduce the life chances of individuals and preserve inequality that becomes problematic. Our civilization needs to reflect on equality rather than preserve outdated concepts of gender roles that really have no place in a progressive society.
When working in the same occupation as a man, women earn less. Equal work deserves equal pay. Gender
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During that year, I learned that the Equal Pay Act passed in 1963 by John F. Kennedy. So, that woman would be getting paid as much as men. Do you realize that this was passed 53 years ago? In 1963 women were getting payed 59 cents on the dollar and today it is 77 cents. That is less than half a penny per year. (That is not just unfair, it is wrong as well.) This is also taken effect on different races a female might be as well. In 2014, women were still earning 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man (that is if the woman is white). If she is African-American, it is 64 cents for every dollar earned by a man. And if she is a Latina, is it 54 cents for every dollar made by a man. Throughout a lifetime, a typical woman loses about $700,000 just because she is paid less than a man. This is shameful to women across the world and it is very unacceptable. Living in a nation that is looked upon as a leader is this what you want for your own mother(s), daughter(s), sister(s), and wives? Since she has different body parts? It turns my stomach just knowing that 53 years later we are still having this fight for equal pay. I believe it is time to start treating women equality, rather than …show more content…
It should not be this hard to fix such an issue of gap wage. This is about equality and that no one is better than another, one gender is not better than the other and one gender certainly should not be getting payed more than the other. We need to stop being misogynist and misandrist and start seeing everyone and everything as equal. We all have equal opportunities and equal rights. It should not be that hard to understand. Women are not aliens, we deserve the same respect as men in the workforce. Please ___________ keep in mind that this is not just about fairness, feminism, and wages. It is about economic growth for our nation. If a woman makes less, her spending power is limited. Women are not minority we make up most the population both worldwide and in the United States of

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