The Importance Of Emotional Thinking

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In the second part of chapter nine I learned about some of the more deeply ingrained susceptibilities of my own critical thought processes. I was able to explore the ways in which I can stop and evaluate whether I am using emotional reasoning. I gained perspective about my own points of logical vulnerability. Finally, I was able to key in the meaning of empathy and how important it is to engage in this process in my daily interactions. I have been accused of being an overly emotional person. I realize that I can get caught up in believing that a person’s reaction has more to do with me than it does with them. This stems from the idea of egocentrism. I react emotionally to a perceived slight. I may find myself acting out of jealousy and should spend time evaluating my own feelings instead of rationalizing potentially inappropriate behavior. The text gives ideas for self-talk strategies that can help me. I know that I will not become a less emotional person. That is a part of what makes me who I am. I can become a person who does not act on those emotions in a way that can be self-defeating or subvert positive discussions. I know that I can learn to recognize these distortions of reality that accompany emotional reasoning and …show more content…
Bailey says that he learned that empathy can be silent. As powerful as that seemed to have been for him, I believe it might have been equally powerful for me. Many people seem to resist techniques or methods being used with them. There is a sense that they are being manipulated somehow or that the person trying to use a technique, even if it is for the health of a relationship, is somehow trying to come across as superior. The idea of being empathetic without vocally setting the expectations on the other person is an extraordinary eye opener for me and something I feel will help me relate to other in a much more fair-minded

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