The Importance Of Egalitarian Society

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There are many things that nurture my desire to learn about, and to engage in conflict and social transformation endeavors. As someone who grew up in the midst of inequality, I have known from a young age that our world needs healing. I spent my early years living in a country that has engaged in a 52-year-old civil war- in a country in which citizens recently voted against a peace agreement that would have been a monumental step towards ending the Colombian armed conflict. In addition, I also spent my young adulthood in the United States-a country that is largely responsible for much of the inequalities and poverty that plagues Latin America. Because of my experiences in both countries, I have always felt in my heart that my duty as a citizen …show more content…
From a realistic standpoint-meaning through concrete, real-world examples- I know that an egalitarian society does not have to be an impossible, utopian dream. Rather, small successes present all around us confirm that it is possible to have frameworks and institutions that foster community, and which in turn deplete inequality of one of its main driving forces: low-road capitalism. For instance, I believe that though not perfect, solidarity economy, which encompasses entities such as credit unions and cooperatives, is a solid alternative to capitalism. Businesses such as cooperatives have operated for decades around the world, and they have a track record of operating under egalitarian practices. If one begins to attentively look around, one can see the ways in which alternatives are already present in our communities.
In regard to my thirst for knowledge and truth, the things that I have learned through experience and while studying at Berea College, continuously help me to remain resilient. Knowing who you are and becoming aware of the intricacies and injustices that make up our society is extremely empowering. How can you learn about injustice and not want to jump right into action? I hope to not only
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My best friend lives in another country, and most of the friends I have made were only in my life temporarily. Because of the lack of support, I have always felt somewhat discouraged to fully pursuit being an activist. Because the work is long-term and draining, I have only been able to engage in it for short amounts of time, otherwise, I would go insane trying to juggle my responsibilities and the woes of the world. Despite my hesitancies and lack of support, I know the importance of activism, so I have always tried to support the people I know who have devoted their lives to social

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