The Importance Of Effective Leadership Through Communication

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Effective Leadership through Communication
Communication is the foundation in having good leadership skills. “Communication is a unique process that focuses on the relationship between sender and receiver.” (CSU Global, 2015). This means that the sender is the person with the message to be told and the receiver is the one to collect the message and decode it into meaningful information. This is the fundamental tool in effective leadership. Communication is important to leaders especially because without it those listening, the receivers, have no directive, no clarity on what’s expected or what’s important to focus on. It will not matter how innovative one’s ideas might be without communication no one and nothing can bring those ideas into
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There are many strategies that can be used in order to grasp the audience’s attention. Having successful strategies plays a key role in successful communication because there is no one answer. For all roles of leadership communication is done differently whether it be that of a coach, that of a teacher, or that of management within a business. In the sense of business it isn’t about telling those below you what to do instead it should be about facilitating and getting them involved. When a manager talks about sales goals to employees it’s the job of the manager to get the employee involved on how to meet these goals rather than threatening the employee to do the job better or they’re fired. Another skill of an effective leader is being personable. Communications should be about dialogue not monologues because not one likes to be talked at for extended periods of times this is how attention is lost. In an article posted by Forbes Magazine about communication secrets of great leaders the writer mentions an axiom “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” (Myatt, 2012). If someone is detached to something they will no longer care and no longer feel the need to listen. The final strategy for effective leadership communication is having open communication. Open communication is having all members able to share ideas, give feedback and communicate with all levels of a foundation. Open …show more content…
There are a few strategies that Williams could use in order to be a more effective leader and have better results from his employees. Within the second module in the course Applying Leadership Principles there are several styles of communication these are: who, what, when, and how (CSU Global, 2015). If Williams was able to communicate more frequently with his team he would be able to have those who make the report communicate down the chain more frequently and would lead to more efficient work amongst employees. Williams would also need to analyze how he views the how style as well. It is mentioned he doesn’t like calling meetings or using email, If he changed his standing on these barriers he would be able to more effectively communicate with all members of his staff and be caught up to date more frequently utilizing both emails and meetings. Finally using the strategies from the above paragraph members of his team would feel more inclined towards their leader by trusting him more especially if an open line of communication was made and he was able to become more personal with those who put their faith in him. Utilizing many of these strategies would make Ben Williams a much more effective CEO and leader within his

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