Essay On The Impact Of Education On American Education

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Education has not always possessed the significant value that it holds today, which is the advancement of social capital. However, prior to the late-1960’s, education had no correlation to the corporate world. Americans lived by the “cardinal principles,” which became the concept that high school only prepared students for the real world (Rury 219). This meant that the students could enter just about any field that they desired through proper job training. Eventually, as globalization grew, the United States realized that the nation was falling behind other countries. The presidential administration recognized the impact that education had on the occupational field. President Reagan advocated for America to change its priorities and begin using “schooling as a tool for economic development, and for individual advancement (Rury 213). The president disliked the social capital of the 1960’s because it had brought the nation nowhere. His new goals for the United States seemed promising, and he wanted for the …show more content…
The urban schools had a difficult time adjusting because they still were not given proper funding from various donors (Rury 235). Suburban schools still received private funding from multiple donors. These students had the advantage of receiving modern technology, which made them advance academically. These students had all the current resources to help the advance educationally. Meanwhile, poorer schools had little access to resources, so students could not learn the required material for standardized testing. This continues the cycle of poverty for the people that “live in depressed neighborhoods” (Rury 236). The lack of education causes these people to not get into colleges, which results in fewer job opportunities. A majority of these people are Hispanics and African-American’s, and America despises these people. Americans fear that these people are violent, and poor because of the retention

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