Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Breakfast In Public Schools

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For students, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is vital for students to come to morning classes on a full stomach, so they are ready to face the challenges presented in the classroom by their teachers. Unfortunately, there are many families that are unable to provide their children with this vital meal. How are students supposed to be alert and focused, when their brain and stomachs are being deprived of important morning nutrition? Early morning high school classes for many students are not the most enjoyable. Many high school students arrive in their first class groggy, and thinking about going back to bed. When over-all energy is low in the classroom, student participation tends to be low. There is a solution to this …show more content…
A little snack or meal goes a long way with a student’s education, and breakfast is where it should all start. If breakfast can be provided for all students in our public schools, then teachers and parents will see an increase in their child’s education. To help with the funding of meals to eligible recipients, I propose schools have their own food drive. Families that are able, can donate nonperishable items to their local school where that food can be used for the school breakfast. Another great resource to use, is by going to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service website, and looking at their School Breakfast Program service they provide, also known as SBP. This program sends “cash assistance to states to operate nonprofit breakfast programs in schools.” Anyone can apply for this program, and if a family falls under a certain income, they may be titled to cash assistance. (School Breakfast Program SBP). Schools that choose to participate in this program will receive subsides from the USDA and must serve breakfast that meets federal requirements. Having the breakfast meet federal requirements will ensure a student to be receiving a healthy meal to get them on the right track for the morning. There are many steps that the community can take to get the county involved in its own breakfast

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