The Importance Of Diversity In The World

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Elene Khazaradze
Diversity Essay

Every individual is different and that creates diversity in this world. Every person has a story, which is mainly based on the background they come from. The country where they grew up and the culture they lived in plays a vital role in creating an individual. Environment where we grow up has huge impact on our personality, morals, understanding and perception of the world. People from different countries and cultures have various opinions on the same topic, however that is what’s called diversity.
My personal culture comes from the country where I grew up. I may be bias, but people in Georgia are very friendly, kind, and hospitable. They will do everything for the people they love and care for.
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Because of this, many families in Georgia are considered conservative. They hold to traditions and are afraid to change. However, this was never a big problem for my family. My parents and my siblings, who are a very modern day thinkers, are the ones who push me to change in a good way, gain knowledge, read many books, appreciate different cultures and religions. I do not think that parents influence may be considered as the external influence, but it still a big influence that shaped me as an individual. I think, because of the way they raised me up, I can consider myself as the Global citizen. I have knowledge of different cultures and histories and I appreciate the differences between them, but I do not necessarily …show more content…
Two of them, Bianca and Tea, are from America and my third roommate Simran is from Hong Kong. At the end of the first month, I was already able to tell the difference between the cultures. The biggest difference I found is the different lifestyles that each of us have in one room. Tea and Bianca live an American lifestyle, by which I mean they always manage their time and they are always accurate and polite about everything. I am not saying that it is bad, but I have a feeling that Simran and I have more similar understanding of the world, maybe because both of us are from Asia. To be clearer Georgia is considered to be at the border of Europe and Asia, so I think I have a talent of understanding both cultures. We do not control our day that much, I think we like to live more free and spontaneous lives. Also, there is a huge difference in how we dress up. Every one of us has a different style, which I think is also a result of the cultures and places where we grew up

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